Labour Minister Milan Krajniak Resigns

Labour Minister Milan Krajniak Resigns

Bratislava, March 15 (TASR) – Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) has decided to step down from his post.

Krajniak announced this at a press briefing on Monday, adding that President Zuzana Caputova has already been notified of his decision.

“I perceive my resignation as a contribution towards the quickest possible resolution of the coalition crisis,” said Krajniak.

Krajniak asked the head of state to release him from his tenure as soon as possible. He made the decision in order to show that the We Are Family party bears no personnel demands and is willing to make sacrifices in order to put an end to the coalition crisis.

“We’ve done everything in our power to end the coalition crisis on Wednesday (March 10). Since then we’ve been hearing nothing but who is supposed to resign over and over again and whether it should be one person, two or three. Easter is soon upon us and we’re in the middle of the pandemic. We want this coalition crisis to end at last,” claimed Krajniak.

House Chair and party leader Boris Kollar pointed out that the “threatrics continue” and it’s impossible to govern the country this way. Kollar believes that nothing would change if Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) or Economy Minister Richard Sulik (SaS) were to leave their posts, as the conflict would only shift to Parliament and the coalition council.

Kollar reiterated that his party raised no personnel demands, it just pursued the implementation of five social measures aimed to help the people. The party also doesn’t imply anything with Krajniak’s resignation, added Kollar.