Labour Ministry Issues Advise for Care Homes in Case of Second Wave

Labour Ministry Issues Advise for Care Homes in Case of Second Wave

Bratislava, July 9 (TASR) – Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) told a news conference on Thursday that he’s asked care homes to evaluate measures and be ready for a potential second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.

For example, care homes are supposed to have a 14-day reserve of protective aids. In addition, the Labour Ministry has issued a regulation recommending that they should take further measures.

The minister quantified the total cost of assistance to care homes to date at over €10 million. In total, such facilities have been provided with over 4 million face masks, 185,600 pairs of surgical gloves, 30,000 respirators, 15,000 pairs of protective glasses and 2,790 litres of disinfectant.

“I summoned the Labour Ministry’s crisis management team last week with regards to the fact that there’s been an increased likelihood of local outbreaks since the borders were opened. I allocated tasks involving the adoption of preventive measures so that we’ll be able to react immediately if such a local outbreak occurs,” said Krajniak.

The minister doesn’t think there that a second wave of coronavirus has already hit Slovakia. “We think that these are just local outbreaks caused mainly by contacts with foreign countries, but we don’t want to underestimate anything,” said Krajniak.