Lajcak: No Presidential Bid on Table at Moment

Lajcak: No Presidential Bid on Table at Moment

Bratislava, December 13 (TASR) – I’m not thinking of running for the post of president in the 2019 election at the moment, stated Foreign and European Affairs Minister and currently also UN General Assembly President Miroslav Lajcak (a Smer-SD nominee) after a Cabinet session on Wednesday.

“There’s no such bid on the table, I’m not engaged in it, and it’s premature to speak about it anyway. In any case, I respect the opinion of everyone who can imagine me in such a post, as it’s a top constitutional one,” said Lajcak, adding that he’s noticed that the media have mentioned his name in connection with his potential candidacy.

“Of course, I appreciate the fact that my name is being mentioned in this context, but as I said, I’m dealing with what I have on the table here and now. I hold two very important posts, so I’m not dealing with this matter,” he reiterated.

Prime Minister and governing Smer-SD party head Robert Fico in an interview for Plus 7 dni weekly said that Smer-SD might support Lajcak in a possible bid for the presidential election in 2019.

“There are people in Smer-SD or linked to Smer-SD who aren’t perceived as partisan very much by the public … Personally, I view, for example, Miro Lajcak as a very strong person who would be eligible for running for such a post,” Fico told the weekly.