Lengvarsky to Present Draft to Raise Salaries of All Health Workers to Gov't

Lengvarsky to Present Draft to Raise Salaries of All Health Workers to Gov't

Bratislava, September 20 (TASR) – I’ll present a proposal to increase salaries of health professionals at the Government meeting on Wednesday (September 21), Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (an OLaNO nominee) told a press conference on Tuesday.

In addition to the announced increase in salaries of doctors and nurses, it also deals with salaries of other health workers in institutional health facilities and departments of emergency medical service.

“What we’ve proposed is something that hasn’t been here for several decades, it has never been as comprehensive and advanced as it is now,” said Lengvarsky, adding that this is a proposal that is competitive within the V4 (Visegrad Four) countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia). The minister further stated that the outpatient sector should also be addressed in the coming years.

Lengvarsky pointed out that it’ll be an increase through salary coefficients, and the years of experience of health workers will also be taken into account. According to the new system, the years worked abroad are also to be taken into account, and part of the period of maternity and parental leave of up to five years will be accepted for the purposes of the salary evaluation.

“For example, doctors with specialisation and experience of 20 or more years will reach a salary of over €3,000 without bonuses, a starting doctor without specialisation and experience will have a salary increase of €279 gross,” said Health Ministry State Secretary Lenka Dunajova Druzkovska.

Lengvarsky believes that the proposal is sufficient to stabilise the situation in the health-care sector.