Lipsic: Several USP Criminal Cases Will Be Out of Time If Amendment Okayed

Lipsic: Several USP Criminal Cases Will Be Out of Time If Amendment Okayed
Special Prosecutor Daniel Lipsic (stock photo by TASR)

        Stara Lesna, December 11 (TASR) - Several important criminal matters under the supervision of Special Prosecutor's Office (USP) prosecutors will end up under statutes of limitations if the amendment to the Penal Code is approved, pointed out Special Prosecutor Daniel Lipsic on Monday.
        Lipsic cited the Gorilla and Toll Collector 3 cases as examples. Along with other USP prosecutors, he objected to significant reductions in criminal penalties and shorter statutes of limitations. There is a lack of an honest professional discussion on the proposal, he added.
        "My rhetorical question is whether it is a legitimate interest to drastically intervene by law in ongoing criminal proceedings, which will have to be halted even against influential oligarchs due to the shortening of statutes of limitations and the reduction of criminal penalties," stated Lipsic.
        The special prosecutor commented that, in principle, all corruption crimes and all economic crimes, regardless of their scope, will have a maximum penalty of ten years, and in each case it will be possible to impose a financial penalty or suspended prison sentence.
        An amendment to the Penal Code, which also includes a proposal to scrap the Special Prosecutor's Office, is currently being debated in Parliament via a fast-tracked legislative procedure.