Marian K. in Closing Speech: I'm No Saint, But I'm No Murderer Either

Marian K. in Closing Speech: I'm No Saint, But I'm No Murderer Either

Pezinok, July 31 (TASR) – I’m no saint, but I’m no murderer either, controversial businessman Marian K. stated on Friday in his closing speech at the trial of those who stand accused of ordering and carrying out the murders of journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kusnirova.

Among other things, Marian K. focused on former counter-intelligence director and witness in the case Peter Toth, who according to the defendant has been lying and making things up. Marian K. called Toth a secret service agent and claimed that this is proved by the testimony provided by Miroslav Kriak, who was one of the commandos who shadowed journalists at Toth’s behest.

Marian K. noted that the file contains information about the fact that Toth received €50,000 from an unknown company located in the United Arab Emirates shortly after the murder and subsequently he received regular monthly payments worth €5,000 each. Marian K. concurred with lawyer of the bereaved Daniel Lipsic, who’d stated that Toth couldn’t have afforded the tailing of journalists from his own pocket.

Turning to testimonies provided by Zoltan Andrusko, who’s already been sentenced for serving as an intermediary in the case, Marian K. claimed that Andrusko complemented his testimonies with facts that have been gradually published in the media.

The defendant also stated that he’s dissatisfied with how Europol has been handling his seized mobile phones when extracting his Threema chats. According to him, there’re discrepancies in the forensic reports.

“I’m not an unintelligent fool who doesn’t recognise what a murder of a journalist would cause,” remarked Marian K.