Matovic Casts Doubt over Firm Owned by Minister Drucker's Wife

Matovic Casts Doubt over Firm Owned by Minister Drucker's Wife

Bratislava, April 11 (TASR) – Opposition Ordinary People (OLaNO) leader Igor Matovic on Wednesday cast doubt over a firm called Logaro, which is owned by the wife of Interior Minister Tomas Drucker (a Smer-SD nominee), pointing out that the new firm enjoyed revenues from consultancy services worth €212,000 in 2017, despite the fact that it employs only a single full-time employee and one part-time one.

“Well, who among us wouldn’t want as a starting entrepreneur to own a company in which they employ one-and-a-half people and, all of a sudden, can boast €212,000 in revenues in the space of a year?” asked Matovic, adding that the data is based on Logaro’s financial statement.

According to Drucker, Logaro belongs to his wife, and he doesn’t know precisely what kind of consultancy services she was providing. “If memory serves, there were some assistance services, plus one project was concluded,” he said.

Drucker is confident that there won’t be any problems with submitting documentation for the services rendered, but he needs to check why some items in the books were stretched over a period longer than a year. “Then it’s my wife’s fault a little bit, if expenditures accrued weren’t distinguished in terms of time.”

As for consultancy services provided by Drucker’s wife’s company, Matovic enumerated that the firm must have been charging €80-90 per hour throughout the entire year in order to see revenues of €212,000. Furthermore, the company produced a gross profit of €138,728 in 2017, which amounts to a gross profit margin of 66 percent.

According to Logaro’s statement of finance, 86 percent of claims were still due on December 31, 2017. As invoices usually have maturity dates spanning two weeks in practice, Matovic believes that the consultancy services must have been invoiced throughout December. “The invoices must be dated from December; that means large sums at the end of the year. We want to know to whom these invoices went,” he emphasised, calling on Drucker to publish all Logaro’s invoices.

Drucker announced earlier in the day that his wife will terminate all of her business activities.