Matovic: Rules for Mass Events to Be Tightened as of October

Matovic: Rules for Mass Events to Be Tightened as of October

Bratislava, September 25 (TASR) – The conditions for organising mass events in Slovakia will be tightened yet again as of October, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) announced on Friday after a session of the pandemic committee.

The pandemic committee will propose on Monday to the central crisis management team that the visitor limit for outdoor events should be set at 200, while the limit for indoor events should be 100 attendees. Events at which the audience stands should be prohibited. Meanwhile, the limit for weddings should be 30 guests.

Further anti-virus measures that will be proposed in response to the worsening pandemic situation will concern Slovakia’s borders and the wearing of face masks at schools.

Speaking of the possibility of placing Austria and Hungary on Slovakia’s red list, the premier stated that he’s already let both of these countries know that it can happen. Matovic noted, however, that the situation in Slovakia has worsened since the proposal to place the countries on the red list was tabled for the first time. “Our current situation is comparable to that of Hungary as well as Austria, so it’ll be up to the central crisis management team to decide whether it would make sense,” remarked Matovic.

The premier went on to note that he stands behind the decisions of the pandemic committee. “I’m done fighting for the freedom of irresponsible people,” he said, calling on the public to observe anti-virus measures.

According to chief hygienist Jan Mikas, most of the recent coronavirus cases in the country have been caused by family events, weddings and night clubs. Previously, new cases were predominantly imported from abroad.