Matovic Withdraws His Candidacy to European Parliament

Matovic Withdraws His Candidacy to European Parliament

Bratislava, May 20 (TASR) – Head of OLaNO Igor Matovic announced on Monday at a press conference that he’s withdrawing his candidacy to the European Parliament, adding that he calls on the people who planned to support him to give their vote to former government proxy for Roma communities Peter Pollak, who is number three on the party’s slate.

“Given that the time [we live in] is very serious, I’ve decided to withdraw my candidacy to the EP. I ask all those who wanted to give me their vote to support Peter Pollak. He’s the best answer to extremism,” stated Matovic.

According to Matovic, there’s a presumption that fascists and extremists could win the election in Slovakia. He is afraid that headlines stating that fascists won the election in Slovakia could flood Europe.

Pollak appreciated Matovic’s decision. “If people show confidence in me and I gain an MEP seat, I’ll do everything to defend the interests of all nations in the EU,” he stressed, adding that his campaign isn’t only aimed at Roma, but it focuses on the struggle against extremism and the support of all nations.

When asked what will happen to his mandate in the Slovak Parliament, Matovic replied that he will remain in the House. Matovic stated in February that if he fails to get 50,000 votes in the EP election, he’ll give up his seat in Parliament. He said that he needs to set his ego aside.

The EP election in Slovakia will take place on May 25, the public will elect 14 MEPs.