TASR Chief Photographer’s Exhibition Showcases Slovakia’s Family Silver

TASR's Photo Desk head Michal Svitok. (Photo by TASR)

Banska Bystrica, September 16 (TASR) – ‘Rodinne striebro’ (the Family Silver) is the name of an exhibition of photographs in Banska Bystrica taken by TASR’s Photo Desk head Michal Svitok as part of the news agency’s project to capture some of Slovakia’s highlights from a bird’s eye view.

The pictures for the exhibition were selected from a database of more than 900 photos of the Slovak regions, tourist attractions, castles, manor houses, nature parks, lakes and roads.

“There are also many other things that caught my eye during my flights,” said Svitok, who spent around 20 hours taking photos from aircraft two years ago.

The exhibition, which was opened at the old town hall in Svitok’s native city of Banska Bystrica on Monday and is set to be held until September 27, is due to make stops in other locations in Slovakia as well.

“I’d be happy if we also visited the east and west of Slovakia, apart from the centre of the country. I’ll make efforts to ensure that this can be seen by people in every region,” added Svitok.