Median SK Election Poll: Smer-SD Top, Followed by Voice-SD and SaS

Median SK Election Poll: Smer-SD Top, Followed by Voice-SD and SaS

Bratislava, February 2 (TASR) – The opposition Smer-SD party would have won a general election held at the end of January on 15.6 percent of the votes, according to an election poll carried out by Median SK agency on a sample of 1,006 respondents.

Smer-SD would have been followed by the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD and the governing Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party, both on 13.5 percent.

The data was collected between January 27-February 1.

Other parties that would have made it into Parliament were Progressive Slovakia (PS) on 10.6 percent, OLaNO on 9.5 percent, We Are Family on 5.7 percent, the far-right Republic party on 5.6 percent and the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) on 5 percent.

Two parties that currently hold seats in Parliament wouldn’t have reached the necessary 5-percent threshold this time, namely People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) on 4.1 percent, and For the People on 2.5 percent. Also left outside Parliament would have been the ethnic-Hungarian Alliance party on 3.4 percent, the former governing Slovak National Party (SNS) on 3.1 percent, and the extra-parliamentary Good Choice and Together both on 1.6 percent.

More than 70 percent of the people polled said that they would have taken part in an election, while 28 percent certainly or probably wouldn’t have gone to the polls.