Mikulec: Fico Can Submit Proposals for My Ouster Even Every Day

Mikulec: Fico Can Submit Proposals for My Ouster Even Every Day

Bratislava, September 3 (TASR) – Opposition MP Robert Fico (Smer-SD) can submit proposals for my ouster even every day, Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) said in response to Smer-SD’s proposal on Friday, adding that Fico is trying to make himself visible through a campaign against him.

The coalition parties Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and For the People speak of a “farce” and a “theatrical performance” in connection with the announced no-confidence motion, pointing out that the item is on the agenda of the regular parliamentary session in September.

“It seems that the seditious media campaign against the person of the interior minister has been practically the only tool for him [Fico] in recent weeks to make himself visible. Despite these political games I focus on improving the results of the ministry both outwardly and inwardly. Even after a year and a half we’re mending the damage they did,” said Mikulec in a statement provided to TASR by head of the ministry’s press department Barbara Turosova.

Commenting on the no-confidence motion, SaS stated that it “won’t take part in this farce”. “The no-confidence motion in Roman Mikulec is scheduled for the regular September session, so we see no reason to turn Parliament into a theatre, just because Robert Fico has no other agenda and instead of submitting laws to help Slovak citizens, he only deals with the ouster of the interior minister,” stated party spokesman Ondrej Sprlak.

According to the For the People party, Smer-SD representatives have managed to divide and polarise society even more over the last month. “Their only agenda is to submit proposals for the ouster of Minister Mikulec every week, and they are well aware that this item on the agenda of Parliament is scheduled for a regular meeting in a few days. Instead of apologising to people for where they led our country during the 12 years when they were in power, they are still trying to perform only theatrical performances,” said the party’s press department.

The opposition Smer-SD party has again filed a proposal on Friday to initiate a special parliamentary session aimed at ousting Interior Minister Roman Mikulec, party leader Robert Fico announced a news conference on the same day. Smer-SD criticises the coalition for repeatedly preventing a no-confidence motion in Mikulec from being dealt with in Parliament. In line with the Rules of Procedure, Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) must now convene the session within seven days.