Mikulec Opens International Security Technology Fair in Bratislava

Mikulec Opens International Security Technology Fair in Bratislava

Bratislava, September 12 (TASR) – Interior Minister Roman Mikulec on Monday opened the 22nd international security technology fair called “Security Bratislava 2022”.

The fair will present novelties in the field of security equipment, including an anti-drone detection system intended for police actions, sound monitoring in towns and villages and new temperature monitoring of facilities in the field of fire safety.

An international symposium of the Police Academy in Bratislava will be held as part of the event. This year it is devoted to the presentation of the academy’s scientific and research activities with an emphasis on the possibilities of applying the results of scientific work in practice.

Individual components of the Interior Ministry will also be presented at the fair, with September 12 being dedicated to the police, September 13 to IT security issues, and September 14 to firefighters and mountain rescuers.

“In order to be able to ensure security in our state and adequate protection of people’s lives, health and property, our emergency corps and the police cannot lag behind in the use of technology. We are trying to modernise their equipment. Today, more than ever, we are facing various types of cyber attacks, electronic forms of blackmailing and hoaxes, with criminals being engaged in inventing ever newer ways of fraud. We need to constantly keep up with the times in the field of security,” said Mikulec.

The fair will feature 18 firms that will bring newly-developed security systems, equipment and rescue technology. Visitors can also see the European premiere of a new type of police radar and a system for extinguishing electric cars.

The fair is open to the professional public between September 12 and 14 at the Sorea Regia hotel in Bratislava.