Minister Gal to Coordinate Disciplining of Jankovska with Law Enforcement

Minister Gal to Coordinate Disciplining of Jankovska with Law Enforcement

Bratislava, October 14 (TASR) – Justice Minister Gabor Gal (Most-Hid) hasn’t yet lodged a disciplinary motion against judges Monika Jankovska and Zuzana Maruniakova because he is scheduled to meet with investigators and prosecutors on Tuesday (October 15) and co-ordinate his approach with them, TASR learnt on Monday.

According to Gal, the motions to launch disciplinary proceedings were drafted as early as Friday (October 11). “On Friday, we were also asked by law enforcement bodies to reconsider submitting them and talk with them first,” claimed the minister.

Gal believes that it would be better to put the judges before a proper court rather than a disciplinary senate. “Debenching them or taking away a few months worth of their salaries is nothing to what these people really deserve. If they did what’s in the [Marian K’s Threema chat] transcripts, then these people belong in jail. I will certainly care to see them end up there and not just get away with some disciplinary penalty,” said Gal.

According to the minister, individual failures are not systemic. “The worst part is that these people have no self-reflection. If I were facing such suspicions, I’d beat it already. This also concerns people who’ve already surfaced in various messages. We have information that there are other people in senior posts, whether in judiciary or other state bodies, who engaged in co-operation with these individuals. It would be better if they opt not to stay in their posts a single day longer and leave voluntarily,” added Gal.

Dennik N daily released alleged chat transcripts between Marian K and ex-Justice Ministry state secretary Monika Jankovska, which indicate that they together corrupted judges presiding over TV Markiza promissory notes case, on which Marian K. based his €70 million claim, while the case was a civil law dispute.

Zuzana Maruniakova handed down a controversial verdict on the notes, taking Marian K.’s side without looking into authenticity of the notes.