Most-Hid Wants Coalition to Find Peace as Soon as Possible

Most-Hid Wants Coalition to Find Peace as Soon as Possible
Bratislava, August 26 (TASR) – Giving preference to personal and party goals means gambling not only with the credibility of the coalition, but also with the future of Slovakia, stated Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar on Saturday after the party’s Republican Council session devoted to the current political situation in Slovakia.

Bugar reiterated that the coalition, featuring Smer-SD, the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most-Hid, was formed by a conjunction of three parties that cherish different values but are linked by a common goal – improving the lives of the Slovak people. Therefore, Most-Hid wants to resolve the situation in the coalition as soon as possible, added Bugar.

The Most-Hid head neither confirmed, nor denied information that has appeared in the media that SNS allegedly demanded the exit of Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Minister Jan Richter (Smer-SD) at Friday’s (August 25) Coalition Council session. Bugar only said that the meeting of the three leaders was constructive and that the discussion was honest and friendly. “A friend isn’t only a person who praises you all the time, but also someone who can tell you that you’ve made a mistake,” said Bugar.

Most-Hid vice-chairman Laszlo Solymos stated that when submitting new bills in the future, each of the coalition parties must bear budget responsibility in mind. He went on to say that Most-Hid has prepared a list of 20 new priorities that it wants to implement. Solymos didn’t specify these any further, however.

The Republican Council also supported the idea that Slovakia should be at the European Union’s core. “It’s in Slovakia’s vital interests to cooperate to the fullest with countries that represent the motor of the EU,” said the party’s vice-chair Lucia Zitnanska.