Municipal Elections Official Results: Only One Regional Capital Elects New Mayor

Municipal Elections Official Results: Only One Regional Capital Elects New Mayor

Bratislava, October 30 (TASR) – The state election committee has confirmed the official results of the municipal elections on Saturday.

Of the eight regional capitals in Slovakia, only the city of Presov elected a new mayor, with the rest retaining their incumbent mayors.

Presov will now be managed by Frantisek Olha, a candidate supported by Freedom and Solidarity, Progressive Slovakia, Together, the Democratic Party, Good Choice and Moderates and some other parties. Olha gained support from 37.26 percent of the voters.

Matus Vallo, backed by Team Bratislava, Progressive Slovakia and Freedom and Solidarity, managed to defend his post of Bratislava mayor on 60.2 percent of the votes.

Kosice re-elected its mayor Jaroslav Polacek, who obtained 36.79-percent support. Polacek was backed by the Christian Democratic Movement, Freedom and Solidarity, We Are Family, Alliance, NOVA, Good Choice and Independents and OLaNO.

Meanwhile, Nitra mayor Marek Hattas, a candidate supported by Team Nitra Region, defended his post on 30.80 percent of the votes.

The city of Trencin re-elected its mayor Richard Rybnicek on 72.94 percent of the votes. Rybnicek was an independent candidate.

Zilina mayor Peter Fiabane, an independent candidate, was re-elected on 49.53 percent of the votes.

As for Trnava, mayor Peter Brocka, an independent candidate, managed to defend his post on 44.7 percent of the votes.

Last but not least, Banska Bystrica mayor Jan Nosko, also an independent candidate, saw support from 66.16 percent of the voters.

The turnout in the municipal elections reached 46.19 percent, with a total of 2,059,800 voters taking part.