New Flagpole Erected in Front of Parliament Building

New Flagpole Erected in Front of Parliament Building

Bratislava, August 14 (TASR) – A 30-metre flagpole was erected in front of the parliament building on Wednesday morning, TASR has learnt from head of the Parliament Office’s communications department Tomas Kostelnik.

“The flagpole with the national flag will be officially unveiled at a ceremony that will be held at 12 noon on Parliament’s Open Day on September 1,” said Parliament Office head Daniel Guspan, who considers the flagpole to be a symbol of national pride.

The Parliament Office collected the funds necessary for all the construction work on the flagpole in front of Parliament, meaning that no money came from the state. According to Guspan, the final price stood at €58,043 ex-VAT, including the flag, creating the flagpole, installation and all construction work. According to Guspan, more than 100 people contributed towards the flagpole with a total of around €60,000.

Guspan himself contributed €9,000 of his own money, as did Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS). The Smer-SD caucus donated €5,000 and its chair Robert Fico €1,000.

Thirty metres was the limit allowed by technicians and construction engineers. Danko initially noted that the flagpole will be three metres taller than the one in Budapest, but said later that this size comparison was nothing but his spontaneous first response.