Official: OLaNO Wins Slovakia's General Election on 25 percent

Official: OLaNO Wins Slovakia's General Election on 25 percent

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) – The OLaNO Opposition party of Igor Matovic won the general election on Saturday on 25.02 percent of the votes, gaining 53 seats in the 150-member House, ahead of the current main governing party Smer-SD on 18.29 percent (38 seats), according to official election results announced by the State Electoral Commission on Sunday.

Other seats in Parliament will be taken up by We Are Family (8.24 percent – 17 seats), the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (7.97 percent – 17 seats), Freedom and Solidarity (6.22 percent – 13 seats) and For the People (5.77 percent – 12 seats).

The Progressive Slovakia-Together liberal coalition, which produced President Zuzana Caputova last year, hasn’t made it into Parliament, somewhat surprisingly, as it received a mere 6.96 percent, while it needed at least 7 percent as a coalition of two parties. The threshold for single parties was 5 percent.

Other notable parties also fell short, including the Christian Democrats (4.65 percent), Hungarian Community Solidarity (3.9 percent), and two co-ruling parties – the Slovak National Party (3.16 percent) and Most-Hid (2.05 percent).

The turnout reached 65.80 percent.