OLaNO: Matovic Will Remain Finance Minister Even after SaS' Ultimatum Expires

OLaNO: Matovic Will Remain Finance Minister Even after SaS' Ultimatum Expires

Bratislava, August 11 (TASR) – OLaNO leader Igor Matovic will remain in the post of finance minister even after the expiration of the ultimatum set by the coalition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party, decided the OLaNO presidium as well as the party’s parliamentary caucus, TASR learnt from an OLaNO statement.

The senior governing party also invited representatives of the parties of the “original” coalition to a meeting on Friday (August 12).

“This decision is immutable. Igor Matovic won the election. He was given a mandate to form a coalition for this election term. He is the chairman of the party with the highest number of MPs,” the presidium and OLaNO MPs justified their decision.

The party pointed out that Slovakia is facing unprecedented challenges, such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the refugee crisis, extreme inflation and rising energy prices. “It’s a time when it’s necessary to stick together, to provide people with the necessary support and assurance that the Government will guide them safely through this difficult period,” added the statement.

OLaNO therefore invited the representatives of the four governing parties to a meeting it called ‘Responsibility for Slovakia’. They’re supposed to hold talks on Friday in the Government-owned Borik Hotel in Bratislava.

SaS has withdrawn from the coalition agreement and called on Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) to draft a new one that will reflect the current political state of affairs and incorporate Matovic’s resignation. If the conditions aren’t met by the end of August, all SaS-nominated ministers will tender their resignations.