OLaNO Wants to Hold Referendum with 17 Questions

OLaNO Wants to Hold Referendum with 17 Questions

Bratislava, March 6 (TASR) – The opposition Ordinary People (OLaNO) party wants to organise an in-depth referendum consisting of seventeen questions concerning problems that the party believes are preoccupying the public.

OLaNO wants to discuss the form of the questions with the public. Party chair Igor Matovic stressed that OLaNO MPs agreed unanimously on the creation of the questions. “We didn’t want this referendum to be superficial … a populist resolution of problems or the misuse of a referendum for political purposes,” stated Matovic.

According to him, the party wants to show Slovakia that it can behave responsibly and can keep its promise on preparing a referendum.

The questions should be divided into three sections: A fair Slovakia, Slovakia for families and Slovakia for the weak. Matovic stated that the party wants to give the public around two weeks to discuss the questions and the sections. “We’re open to public criticism; some questions might be scratched, some might be added,” he clarified.

They should concern topics such as the introduction of material responsibility for politicians, a day of leave in exchange for participating in an election, a contribution for pregnant working and studying mothers as of the fourth month of pregnancy, a place for every child in nursery school, retirement after 40 years in employment, the scrapping of prescription fees, free-of-charge doctor’s appointments, and a ban on games of chance and gambling machines.