Opposition: Police Failed in Danko's Accident, House Vice-Chair Should Be Ousted

Opposition: Police Failed in Danko's Accident, House Vice-Chair Should Be Ousted
Parliamentary Vice-Chair Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

        Bratislava, January 15 (TASR) - If it is confirmed that the police gave Parliamentary Vice-Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) the chance to take a breathalyser test only the next day after the accident, it's a failure of the police, KDH MP Frantisek Majersky said on Monday.
        According to the opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party, Danko can't continue to be the parliamentary vice-chair, and therefore he'll face a non-confidence vote. Parliamentary Vice-Chair Michal Simecka (Progressive Slovakia/PS) stated that there's no other option than his resignation or dismissal. MP for the Slovakia party Michal Sipos considers taking a breathalyser test only 15 hours after the accident to be a mockery.
        "Danko proved himself guilty. He passed the breathalyser test only the next day in the afternoon, practically 15 hours after the accident. It's clear what that means," said the PS chairman, adding that a constitutional representative must lead by example, he shouldn't behave like an all-powerful official and legitimise the worst practices in society. "Any other driver would have had to take a breathalyser test immediately after the accident. The interior minister [Matus Sutaj Estok [Voice-SD)] should therefore explain why this didn't happen in the case of Danko," he pointed out.
        Majersky stated that it's unthinkable that the police could detect alcohol in the breath 15 hours following the accident. "After such a time, the police should have clearly carried out blood tests, from which it would be possible to reliably determine whether Danko was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the traffic accident or not," he said, adding that such a procedure by the police raises more questions, for example, whether someone is trying to cover for Danko.
        "The police management, together with Andrej Danko, conveys to the public that it's completely normal to leave the scene of an accident and hide. You only need to take a breathalyser test after sobering up," pointed out SaS parliamentary caucus chairman Branislav Groehling. According to him, the procedure of the police is unacceptable and shocking.
        Opposition MP Roman Mikulec (Slovakia party) noted that governing politicians are now taking a breathalyser test only after sobering up. "Danko wants to convince the whole of Slovakia that he didn't drink, everyone knows that he did drink," responded Sipos.
        The accident took place on Thursday (January 11), shortly after 11.30 p.m. in Bratislava's borough of Dubravka. The police noted that neither the driver nor the car were present at the scene when the police arrived. Danko confirmed that he crashed into a post during the road accident. He apologised for it and said that he'll pay for the damage caused if necessary.
        The police confirmed that Danko took a breathalyser test on Friday (January 12) afternoon following his traffic accident on Thursday (January 11). The result of the test was negative. The SNS presidium expressed its full support for Danko on Monday.