Opposition Wants to Initiate Special Session to Oust Glvac

Opposition Wants to Initiate Special Session to Oust Glvac

Bratislava, October 24 (TASR) – The Opposition wants to initiate an extraordinary parliamentary session, with Parliamentary Vice-chair Martin Glvac’s (Smer-SD) ouster being the sole point on the agenda, OLaNO leader Igor Matovic and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) leader Richard Sulik told a news conference on Thursday.

The reason is Glvac’s alleged communications with Marian K., who has been charged with ordering journalist Jan Kuciak’s murder.

“We’re starting to collect the signatures for convening an extraordinary session to dismiss Martin Glvac from the parliamentary vice-chair post. We thought that it wouldn’t come to this,” stated Matovic, adding that they expected Glvac to resign of his own accord. The OLaNO leader believes that Glvac shouldn’t be a member of the parliamentary committee overseeing military intelligence, either. At the same time Matovic called on Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) to act and not to include Glvac as a “defective person” on Smer-SD’s slate for the 2020 general election. According to Matovic, Glvac has failed in his post, acting like “a henchman for Mafioso Marian K.”.

“Each person must be able to see that the government of Robert Fico and Peter Pellegrini is ‘perforated’ with the Mafia. What Glvac was discussing with Marian K. wasn’t just innocent meetings. It’s direct evidence that a villain has been governing our country at least partly,” stressed Sulik. Therefore, SaS decided to support the extraordinary session, said the SaS leader, adding that other opposition parties have been invited to join the initiative. The parties want to collect the signatures as soon as possible. According to current legislation, the parliamentary chairman is obliged to convene the session no more than seven days after the signatures are submitted.

Matovic suspects that Marian K. had his own lackey appointed to the post of Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) deputy director and that Glvac knew about this. Matovic on Wednesday (October 23) released the rest of 900 chat messages that Glvac allegedly exchanged with Marian K. via the Viber app. According to Matovic, the messages also prove that Glvac was aware that former Financial Administration president Frantisek Imrecze allowed tax fraudster Ladislav Basternak to engage in VAT-refund fraud.

Glvac has rejected Matovic’s statements, filing a criminal complaint against him in this regard. He claims that Matovic has committed a crime by publishing his alleged communications and that he hasn’t met Marian K. since 2012.