Overview of Lockdown Rules in Slovakia in January 1-24

Overview of Lockdown Rules in Slovakia in January 1-24

Bratislava, January 1 (TASR) – The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) brings an overview of the national lockdown measures in force in Slovakia between January 1-24, each day between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m.

– limitation of personal meetings: individuals should refrain from meeting anyone who doesn’t belong to the same household,

– any visits are prohibited,

– ski resorts are closed,

– hotels and recreational facilities are forbidden to accommodate new guests,

– public religious services are prohibited,

– outdoor restaurant eating is forbidden, with only take-away services being allowed,

– people are allowed to go to the countryside only in their own district, in the case of Bratislava and Kosice only within the city boundaries,

– people are allowed to work only from home,

– employees whose work requires physical presence at their workplace will need to possess a certificate from their employer,

– people are allowed to leave their place of residence for the following activities: the nearest grocery, pharmacy, doctor, nursing care for a close person, care for their own livestock, going out with pets within a circle of 1,000 metres from their place of residence, going to the post office, bank, insurance company, dry cleaner’s, car repair shop and petrol station,

– going for antigen and RT-PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2,

– attend baptism, marriage and funeral ceremonies, including their civil versions, with only six people allowed to be present,

– people are allowed to travel abroad and return home from abroad,

– the homeless are also exempt from the curfew, but only when going to a social-service facility,

– people are also allowed to go out if they have the formal right to contact with a child living in a different household, as in the case of divorced parents.