Pcolinsky and Pcolinska to Vote for Mikulec's Ouster, Doesn't Have Their Trust

Pcolinsky and Pcolinska to Vote for Mikulec's Ouster, Doesn't Have Their Trust

Bratislava, June 8 (TASR) – Chairman of the We Are Family parliamentary caucus Peter Pcolinsky and MP of the same coalition party Adriana Pcolinska will vote for the dismissal of Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO), TASR learnt on Tuesday.

The opposition Smer-SD party plans to initiate an extraordinary session with a no-confidence vote in Mikulec.

We Are Family leader Boris Kollar said on Monday (June 7) that two members of the party will be given a “green card” in the vote.

“I’ll vote for the dismissal of the minister because he hasn’t enjoyed my trust over the long term; it isn’t a question of two months or a short period of time. I think he’s absolutely incapable of managing his ministry. To respond to all questions with ‘I don’t know anything, I have no idea about that, It’s not among my powers’ – this is no interior minister,” Pcolinsky told TASR, adding that there’s complete chaos in the police and a war between police officers.

Pcolinsky also criticised the fact that Mikulec hasn’t yet made any personnel changes during his tenure. “A vast majority of people nominated by Robert Fico’s governments are still in office,” he noted.

Pcolinsky first wants to read the arguments in the opposition’s proposal to dismiss Mikulec. Pcolinska assumes that the opposition’s arguments will only bolster her opinion. “I won’t support the minister because he no longer enjoys my trust in view of what is taking place,” she told TASR.

Kollar announced that most of the caucus are expected to vote to keep Mikulec in office.

Smer-SD would like the extraordinary meeting to take place during the regular session set to start as of June 15. It wants to oust Mikulec in connection with the situation in the security forces. Doubts have allegedly arisen from a report drawn up by the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS). Independent MPs operating in the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party have also called on Mikulec to step down. The minister sees no reason to resign.