Pcolinsky: Fact That Kyselica Was Military Intelligence Agent Not a Problem

Pcolinsky: Fact That Kyselica Was Military Intelligence Agent Not a Problem

Bratislava, July 27 (TASR) – It’s not a problem that Interior Ministry State Secretary Lukas Kyselica was a member of Military Intelligence, but the question that needs to be answered is that why he was a member and what tasks he was supposed to carry out, head of the We Are Family caucus Peter Pcolinsky stated on Monday in reaction to a report that Kyselica was an active agent of Military Intelligence when he ran in the recent general election.

“The law doesn’t prohibit it,” remarked Pcolinsky, adding that if Kyselica was carrying out tasks in line with the legal focus of Military Intelligence, it’s all right. “However, if he was leaking information from the OLaNO party [for which he ran in the election] to soldiers, information that had nothing to do with Military Intelligence’s tasks, that would be a problem,” explained Pcolinsky.

Meanwhile, the coalition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party stated that the case doesn’t concern it. “If it’s a problem for OLaNO, it’s up to the party to deal with it. We don’t know much about Kyselica’s operations in Military Intelligence and we probably won’t learn more because these are confidential matters. Political parties bear responsibility for their nominees, which is why SaS thoroughly checks its nominees just like its members,” reads the party’s statement.

“I can’t find out whether Mr. Kyselica was or wasn’t a member of Military Intelligence in the past. Generally, members of secret services shouldn’t take up public posts or work in the media, because there’s a risk they might misuse and manipulate intelligence,” stated Informatisation Minister Veronika Remisova (For the People).

According to daily Dennik N, which broke the story on Monday, Kyselica was active in Military Intelligence between October 2019 and March 19, 2020. Kyselica became the Interior Ministry state secretary on March 21. Dennik N claimed that Kyselica’s fellow candidates for OLaNO didn’t know about his involvement with Military Intelligence.