Pellegrini and Co. Want No-confidence Motion in Heger over SIS Report

Pellegrini and Co. Want No-confidence Motion in Heger over SIS Report

Bratislava, May 27 (TASR) – Independent MPs operating in the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party aim to initiate a no-confidence motion in Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO), citing suspicions that investigations into several criminal cases have been influenced by a group of people from or close to law enforcement.

According to MP and Voice leader Peter Pellegrini, the suspicions stem from a report of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) that was read out in Parliament on Wednesday by Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) during a special session concerning a secret meeting between top state representatives and the intelligence services on May 17.

In Pellegrini’s opinion, state representatives must have known about these suspicions before the meeting, and it’s questionable whether and how they’ve taken action. “I don’t want anyone to think that Wednesday’s special parliamentary session behind closed doors and the premier’s feeble-minded announcement following the session was the end of this. The information that was read out was so serious that it must have further consequences and someone must be held accountable for it,” said Pellegrini.

The ex-premier remarked that the report clearly indicates that a group of people originating from the security forces and law enforcement has a documented modus operandi and is capable of influencing and manipulating investigations into criminal cases and testimonies of witnesses, and even remanding someone in custody despite their innocence.

Pellegrini claimed that he’s convinced that all these pieces of information have been documented and passed to the police, and the relevant authorities should deal with them. According to him, Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) tried to create the impression that the situation is being dealt with, but no one has been or has held themselves accountable.

The Voice leader maintained that it appears that top state representatives have taken no action despite knowing about the situation, while inaction may even have suited some of them. “Such a group of people can’t operate without political cover,” he said, adding that it hasn’t been confirmed whether any politicians have been directly involved with the group, however.