Pellegrini: I'm Not Going to Resign, I'm Staying in Smer-SD

Pellegrini: I'm Not Going to Resign, I'm Staying in Smer-SD

Bratislava, August 21 (TASR) – I’m not going to resign, said Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) after the Cabinet session on Wednesday, rejecting information in the media about his readiness to leave the Smer-SD party.

The premier stressed that he’ll continue to make efforts for Smer-SD to succeed in the upcoming general election and for social democracy to have a prominent place in Slovakia.
“I’m a Smer-SD vice-chair. It’s my duty to do my utmost to ensure that the party that presents social democratic policy, that is in favour of building a welfare state in this country, continues to deliver results,” said Pellegrini, adding that Slovakia needs a party that will stand up for people’s social needs.

The prime minister denied claims that he was “80-percent resolved” to leave Smer-SD. He identified as his primary task the search for opportunities for Smer-SD to maintain its strongest position among political parties. He wants the party to be able to win the upcoming parliamentary election, which might be held on February 29, 2020.

Pellegrini also ruled out setting strict conditions in the party at this stage of the negotiations, reacting to media claims that he doesn’t want certain figures to appear on the Smer-SD slate, including party chairman Robert Fico and former interior minister Robert Kalinak.

Pellegrini again denied that he’s held talks with former interior and health minister Tomas Drucker about potentially joining the latter’s emerging party.

Fico stated on Wednesday that he’s ready to make decisions in order for his party to win the 2020 general election, conceding that he doesn’t necessarily have to be number one on the party’s slate. Fico went on to say that everyone who currently occupies an important post can run on the slate, which appeared to be a reference to Pellegrini.