Pellegrini Rejects Label of Liberal Snowflake

Pellegrini Rejects Label of Liberal Snowflake

Bratislava, May 28 (TASR) – Smer-SD vice-chair Peter Pellegrini stated on Thursday that he refuses to be labelled as a liberal snowflake.

“I’m a social democrat. I’ve got a social conscience, and such will be our social policies,” stated Pellegrini in reaction to a statement by his boss, Smer-SD head Robert Fico, who said on Tuesday that Smer-SD needs new fighters, not theoreticians and liberal wimps.

Pellegrini went to say that he considers his account with the party to be balanced, as he’s always worked hard in every post he’s occupied along with his colleagues. At the same time, he stressed that he has no intention to deny any of Fico’s merits.

“Our call [on Fico to step down as Smer-SD head on Tuesday] wasn’t meant to be personal. It wasn’t aimed at [Fico’s] merits or him personally. It wasn’t a personal message; nor was it meant to be negative and malicious. It was rather an expression of our feelings,” explained Pellegrini, who stressed that he understands his boss in human terms, as Fico set up and built the party.

Pellegrini stated that he and his colleagues who stand with him at press conferences were raised up by Smer-SD and that they treasure the values of social democracy. According to him, they don’t intend to change their political opinion and won’t deviate the party from this political course, either. “But what good will the party do if it remains in opposition?,” he remarked.

Pellegrini was accompanied on Thursday by Smer-SD vice-chairs Richard Rasi and Peter Ziga as well as MP Matus Sutaj Estok.

Pellegrini on Tuesday called on Fico to step down from Smer-SD leadership, stating that if Fico wants to help the party and social democracy in Slovakia, the time has come for him to leave. Fico would thus help to fulfil all goals he had announced, namely, a stronger Smer-SD, increasing the party’s coalition potential and creating space for new politicians who are ready to fight, said Pellegrini.