Pellegrini to Face Ouster Attempt in Parliament

Pellegrini to Face Ouster Attempt in Parliament

Bratislava, August 30 (TASR) – Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) will face a no-confidence motion in Parliament, as the opposition OLaNO party has managed to collect enough signatures to initiate an extraordinary session for this purpose, TASR learnt on Friday from OLaNO head Igor Matovic.

The motion is OLaNO’s reaction to the fact that Pellegrini hasn’t dismissed Justice Ministry State Secretary Monika Jankovska after the media published information that she might have been involved in the criminal activities of Marian K.. Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) is obliged to convene the session within the span of seven days after the signatures are presented to him.

OLaNO called on Pellegrini this week to dismiss Jankovska, organising a small rally in front of the Justice Ministry building on Monday.

Pellegrini said that he’ll act if the suspicions concerning Jankovska are confirmed, while Justice Minister Gabor Gal (Most-Hid) stated that he’ll file a motion to dismiss Jankovska as soon as unofficial information is confirmed. If it is irrefutably confirmed and Smer-SD, which nominated Jankovska, insists that she should remain in her post, Gal will consider his future as minister.

The police seized Jankovska’s mobile phone last week. According to information published in the media, the two have exchanged about one thousand messages.