Peter Pellegrini Accepts Role of Smer-SD Election Leader

Peter Pellegrini Accepts Role of Smer-SD Election Leader

Bratislava, September 26 (TASR) – Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini accepts the role of Smer-SD election leader, Pellegrini’s spokesperson Patricia Macikova announced on Thursday.

Macikova spoke in response to party chair Robert Fico’s proposal to offer Pellegrini the top spot on the 2020 general election slate.

“The Prime Minister decided to accept the proposal to become the Smer-SD election leader. He’s ready to do his utmost to convince Slovaks with specific results of his work to vote for Smer-SD party, so that it continues to be the most stable and successful party in Slovakia,” added Macikova.

Earlier in the day, Smer-SD spokesman Jan Mazgut announced that Fico put forth a proposal to make Pellegrini the slate leader.

“It’s completely within the powers of Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico to draft the list of lawmaker candidates. He’ll make use of this power and propose Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini as the leader of the Smer-SD party slate,” stated Mazgut.

Smer-SD calls this decision a best solution, adding that voters must find the state of the opposition alarming. It’s also because of the political situation at hand that Smer-SD needs to “play a stabilising role more than ever” before, said the spokesman.