Petra Kristufkova Resigns as Gov't Proxy for Family

Petra Kristufkova Resigns as Gov't Proxy for Family

Bratislava, June 21 (TASR) – MP Petra Kristufkova (We Are Family) is stepping down from her post of Government Proxy for Family.

“It’s not worth it to serve as a lightning rod through whom attacks are made against the Government, the minister, our party and, last but not least, my children,” Kristufkova declared at a press conference on Sunday.

Kristufkova spoke in response to media reports, according to which she spent a summer vacation in 2009 on a yacht of Marian K., a controversial entrepreneur who faces charges of ordering the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak.

“At the time, I used to be friends with his [Marian K’s] ex-wife. Marian K., however, acted standoffish towards me. I think it was because he hated Boris Kollar’s guts,” claimed Kristufkova. She didn’t know who was the owner of the yacht then and added that she can’t be blamed for the fact that Marian K. was on it too.

As for her SMS text messages with Marian K., Kristufkova explained that the entrepreneur possessed information regarding a problem concerning her daughter. She noted that her past is well known and she had had a rebellious phase in her youth. “Of course, that brought some consequences and those consequences have lasted my whole life,” the MP claimed. She added that it’s no secret that she has her oldest child with murdered mafia boss Robert Dinic.

Kristufkova perceives the preferential votes she garnered in the 2020 general election as enough of a reason to continue her work for the party. We Are Family leader Boris Kollar emphasised that she enjoys full confidence and support from the party.

Kollar announced that the post of Government Proxy for Family will be cancelled, with no one to replace Kristufkova. She will continue to address social problems of the people on her own as a rank-and-file lawmaker.