PM: I'll Suggest at Gov't Session Restriction of People's Movement at Easter

PM: I'll Suggest at Gov't Session Restriction of People's Movement at Easter

Bratislava, April 5 (TASR) – I’ll propose at a Government session on Monday (April 6) the adoption of a resolution restricting the free movement of people from April 8 to 13, with the exception of commuting to and from work, visiting a doctor, visiting natural areas within the district, a funeral of a relative, care for a relative or helping a neighbour, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) said following a meeting with medical experts on Sunday.

“We’re afraid that we could strike a match if we did not adopt such a decision,” said the premier, believing that if people see that a consilium of experts stands behind the decision, they’ll accept it.

Matovic thanked the Slovaks for observing the existing measures. However, the fight hasn’t ended, although Slovakia ranks among the best in the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic compared to other countries. “The state we’ve achieved by respecting the measures, by realising responsibility, by showing solidarity, by people sewing face masks for each other when some weren’t able to sew them, has brought us to the absolute top in the world,” he added.

Former health minister Andrea Kalavska in this context explained that visiting senior citizens is very risky during the novel coronavirus epidemic. She also brought attention to the need to wear face masks.

The prime minister said he does not want life to stop in the country but according to him, it is necessary to think especially of seniors. However, he stressed that younger people are also at risk. For now, he sees no reasons to restrict traffic.

Matovic added that he wants to address the technical issues of the ban on free movement on Monday. However, he commented that penalties would be imposed for non-compliance. According to him, the Interior and Defence Ministries should co-operate to ensure the ban is observed.