Police: Unannounced Protests Held Almost in All Regions on Tuesday

Police: Unannounced Protests Held Almost in All Regions on Tuesday

Bratislava, November 18 (TASR) – Unannounced protests were held almost in all regions apart from Nitra on Tuesday (November 17), Police Corps spokesperson Denisa Bardyova told TASR on Wednesday, adding that with the exception of a few incidents in Bratislava region, they took place peacefully, without injuries or disturbances of public order.

“The police never underestimate work with a crowd. A strategy prepared in advance is very important here; mainly based on our own experience, but we also take examples from surrounding countries,” said Interim Police Corps President Peter Kovarik, adding that Tuesday’s events are still being evaluated.

Gatherings were held in five locations in the capital. “Far-right supporters, high-risk sports fans from hooligan groups” took part in them, explained Bardyova. According to her, public order was disturbed on Freedom Square and Hodzovo Square, so the police had to use coercive measures, and 14 people suspected of committing crimes were taken to police stations. “Also with regard to several thousand participants, we’ll continue to work to identify those who didn’t comply with the pandemic measures and acted illegally,” said the spokeswoman.

“I’m very glad that there were no losses of life or large-scale destruction of property. The situation seemed worse a few days before the protests than it actually was in the end,” said Kovarik.

Thousands of people took to the streets on Tuesday to protest against Igor Matovic’s Government and the measures adopted in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, despite the current state of emergency and the ban on mass gatherings.