Remisova Elected as New Chair of For the People Party

For the People chair Veronika Remisova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava/Trencianske Teplice, August 8 (TASR) – Vice-premier and Investments, Regional Development and Informatisation Minister Veronika Remisova has become a new chair of the For the People party. Remisova was elected by delegates at the party congress held on Saturday in Trencianske Teplice (Trencin region), defeating thus her rival candidate, MP Miroslav Kollar. Until now the party was formally led by ex-president Andrej Kiska.

Remisova wants the party to continue in the vision set by its founder, ex-president Andrej Kiska. As she said following her election, Remisova wants For the People to be a modern, European centrist party, a reasonable and decent force in Slovak politics. “I think there’s no such a centrist alternative on the Slovak political arena. We are the only alternative of this kind. With a professional potential we have, I believe we will grow and be a strong party,” said Remisova.

According to Remisova, the vision of the centrist party is not ‘tasteless and odourless’. “It’s a vision that combines people with rather conservative thinking, as well as those with rather liberal thinking…the vision of a rational centrist party, the party of economic certainties and this is what Slovakia needs. We’ve been putting a strong emphasis on regions since the very beginning. However, this doesn’t mean that Bratislava or Kosice cannot be our strong bastions,” stated Remisova.

Kollar congratulated Remisova on her victory and stressed that the chair post “gives her a clear and strong mandate to head the party towards its vision has been defined. “I keep my fingers cross for her and I’m ready to help her in that if she is interested. I respect the will of delegates,” said Kollar.