AKO Poll: One in Three Slovaks View Themselves as Liberals

AKO poll on political orientation (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) – More than one in three Slovaks view themselves as liberals, according to the latest poll carried out by AKO agency, in which 34.6 percent of the respondents expressed an inclination towards this political orientation.

Almost one in four Slovaks view themselves as rather conservative, meanwhile, with 24.9 percent of the respondents inclining towards this group. However, the highest proportion of respondents (40.5 percent) were unable or didn’t want to state their political orientation.

One of the questions in the survey was whether the respondents would vote for a female presidential candidate. More than one third of them (31.4 percent) would definitely vote for a woman, while 13.9 percent would probably do so. Meanwhile, 5.4 percent of the respondents would definitely not vote for a female presidential candidate, while an additional 1.9 percent probably wouldn’t do so. The highest number of Slovaks (45.9 percent) said that their decision would depend on the woman concerned. The remaining 1.5 percent were unable or didn’t want to answer.

AKO agency carried out the telephone survey on a sample of 1,000 respondents between July 4-7.