Brecely: Abrogation of Coalition Agreement Would Be Irresponsible Political Gamble

Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Roman Brecely (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 17 (TASR) – Siet (Network) party is part of the governing coalition at the moment, although much depends on the stance its coalition partners will adopt, Siet chair Roman Brecely said after the party presidium session on Wednesday.

Brecely’s future as Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development hangs in the balance, with talks on the fallout from the recent shift in the balance of power within the coalition expected either on Thursday (August 18) or Friday (August 19).

“We would consider a potential abrogation of the Coalition Agreement at the time of Slovakia’s Council of the EU Presidency to be a political gamble and fundamental step towards the destabilisation of the governing majority,” said Brecely, adding that he wants to offer the coalition partners a solution that would secure the stability of the coalition instead.

Former Siet members Andrej Hrnciar, Martin Fedor, Katarina Csefalvayova, Igor Janckulik and Eduard Adamcik arrived at an agreement with Most-Hid chair Bela Bugar earlier in the day to join Most-Hid caucus. They cited their long-term discontent with the party management as the reason behind the decision to jump ship.

According to Brecely, Siet is not considering the enlargement of its own MP base by any defectors from other political parties.