Bugar: Current Governing Coalition Is Working Effectively

Most-Hid party congress in Nove Zamky on Saturday (photo by TASR)

Nove Zamky, November 12 (TASR) – The current governing coalition, no matter how strange it might appear, is working effectively and is striking and implementing agreements quite swiftly, said Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar at the ninth party congress in Nove Zamky (Nitra region) on Saturday.

“I can compare several governing coalitions which I was part of. Our priorities have never been pushed through to such an extent as in this governing coalition. We don’t agree on everything, but we apply the principle of compromises; we don’t just shut the door on each other ostentatiously,” noted Bugar.

Bugar in his opening speech also returned in time to comment on the situation that arose shortly before the election and immediately after. He said that the right-wing parties were fighting against each other and thus pushed themselves out of the picture. “Last weeks of the campaign saw us betting all on one option – whether or not to become part of the coalition with Smer-SD. All other things were pushed aside – partnerships, programmes, values and people. Even our party has suffered some losses due to this – we’ve lost around 1.5 percent of the vote,” assessed Bugar.

Global tendencies which we’re witnessing these days have some common traits, said Bugar. “Quick solutions to difficult questions, definition of the local evil, extreme solutions, attacks on the weaker and smaller and immense populism. We have to think about how it’s possible that various candidates are winning all over the world thanks to these practices; what we’re doing wrong; what is the reason behind people trusting Messianic politicians; and how is it possible that obscene and tangible hatred prevails in the campaigns,” stressed Bugar.

The Most-Hid chief emphasised that it’s important for the party what kind of politics its members want to pursue. “We’re passed the period when elections were won via slogans. We have to focus on the results of our work ever more; this would have to be a turning point in our jobs,” claims Bugar, adding that he can’t imagine being a leader of a populistic and hateful party. “I’d rather be a leader of a party that would lead a decent campaign and score a single-digit number in an election, but it would use this momentum to prevent radicals from getting to power,” noted Bugar.

Meanwhile, Abel Ravasz has become the new vice-chair of Most-Hid and thus replaced Zsolt Simon who left the party shortly after the March general election.

“It wasn’t a sudden choice. According to our statutes, I have the right to submit a proposal for a candidate. It’s important for us that young people get a chance. There was no opponent,” stated Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar at the ninth party congress in Nove Zamky (Nitra region).

Party members have also approved a programme document that stems from the people’s vision of the party manifesto. This document lists three main priorities – rule of law and enforceability of law; developed regions; and protection of minorities and the civil rights.

Every priority has been assigned its own sponsor from among the party vice-chairs. Justice Minister Lucia Zitnanska is the sponsor of the legal issues, Environment Minister Laszlo Solymos has become the sponsor of developed regions and Government Proxy for Roma Communities Abel Ravasz has been assigned the last priority. The fourth vice-chair and an expert on economics is Ivan Svejna.