Bugar: I’m Done with Matovic, He’s No Different than Extremists

Bugar criticises Matovic in Parliament (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 21 (TASR) – MPs Daniel Lipsic and Igor Matovic (both OLaNO-NOVA) and some of their party MPs are spreading hatred and evil and they probably no longer have these emotions under control, according to Bela Bugar, leader of Most-Hid.

Speaking in Parliament during day four devoted to the Government Manifesto on Thursday, an exasperated Bugar said: “It’s hard to evaluate it at all. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’m done with Matovic. Even if he is coming up with the best ideas, I’m done with him. He doesn’t differ from the nationalists or extremists and maybe he is even more dangerous, since he is spreading conspiracy theories. I’m sorry, but we must learn to live with it.” He was referring to Matovic’s comments on Tuesday, when Matovic suggested that the modus operandi of the government was ‘thievery’, specifically mentioning the €15 billion coming from Brussels in the next four years.

Bugar added that his evaluation doesn’t apply to the entire OLaNO-NOVA caucus.

Bugar, parliamentary vice-chairman, stressed that such attacks and hatred will not discourage his party from pushing for strengthening the rule of law, from combating corruption, fighting for development of regions and protection of minorities. “That’s why we have joined this Government,” explained Bugar.

According to him, the Government Manifesto not only gives hope for improvement of the state’s functioning, but, for him personally, it is a serious commitment to move the country forward in order to restore citizens’ trust in politics. “It seems that a majority of people have already come to terms with the emotions that accompanied the general election, as well as the forming of the coalition,” said Bugar.

However, some politicians have not yet coped with their frustration over the election result and the fact they are not a part of the Government. “We have not been given 100 minutes let alone 100 days. A minister, who has not yet gained a confidence vote, is being recalled from the post,” said Bugar in reference to calls for the ouster of education minister Peter Plavcan. “It’s impossible to base politics on hatred.”

Reacting to Bugar, Matovic said he has nothing against Bugar. “I only reproached you for your political gaffes and I will keep  doing it. The Opposition’s role is to check the ruling power. I will take a bite out of you, as I did out of Robert Fico (Smer-SD). You can say you are done with me. You are not a blank sheet, a 27-year stint in politics is behind you. You were unable to take some responsibility and join the Government for these 27 years. You sit in Parliament, since it’s easy to smile before the camera, not to serve in any executive post, not to take responsibility,” said Matovic.