Caputova and Mistrik to Support One Another Based on Opinion Polls

Presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova (stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, January 22 (TASR) – Presidential candidates Zuzana Caputova and Robert Mistrik agreed that before the first round of presidential elections takes place the candidate with less support according to opinion polls would support the other, TASR has learnt from Mistrik.

Mistrik and Caputova along with Ordinary People (OLaNO) head Igor Matovic came to the agreement at a working lunch. Caputova confirmed Mistrik’s words. “The presidential elections will be about three options. The first option is that a Smer-SD candidate wins, the second is that an extreme candidate wins or thirdly that a decent democratic candidate wins. It’s our responsibility to see a person from the democratic spectrum become the president. We’ve agreed that we would act responsibly and the matter of who will support whom would depend on the opinion polls,” clarified Mistrik.

“A part of my journey is a to act responsibly. I won’t be the one who jeopardises the country by keeping standing as a candidate should there be a risk that two representatives of non-democratic values advance to the second round,” stated Caputova.

Matovic welcomed the agreement and signalled that a similar meeting between the three would take place in two weeks.