Caputova: I Expect That Latest Polls Will Fill Mighty With Fear

Presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) – Presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova has expressed her expectation in a written statement that the latest published polls, in which she was placed first both times with 44.8 and 52.9 percent of the votes, will sow fear in the minds of the mighty.

“I’m aware of the efforts of my opponents and some politicians to create a conflict and draw attention away from the fact that people can’t just look on any more at the injustice of this system that [the aforementioned opponents and politicians] have co-created…” stated Caputova.

She said that her strategy is her honesty and that she’s trying to communicate sensitive opinions in a manner that shouldn’t be harmful or degrading to those who don’t support her.

“I want to address conservative voters as well. I can see immense support from religious people. I want to address everyone, as we’re all frustrated with the arrogance of the mighty and injustice,” stated Caputova, adding that she wants to reach out to Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs and Roma at the same time. “Everyone, irrespective of their religion or sexual orientation,” she clarified.