Coalition and Opposition Concur on Need to Get Parliament Closer to People

Open House Day at Parliament (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 1 (TASR) – There’s a need to get Parliament closer to people, coalition and Opposition MPs concurred on the occasion of the annual Open House Day at Slovak Parliament marking the Constitution Day (September 1).

“To me it’s pleasant to hear the words of encouragement, but I have no problem to listen to critical words either, as they should motivate us. This day is about the parliament and we’ll make our best for people to experience a beautiful day thanks to which they will be even more proud about their country,” Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) told TASR on Saturday, adding he strives to get Parliament closer to people also in terms of symbols and events at the Bratislava Castle.
“One of the biggest challenges for us, politicians, is to restore people’s trust in the state so that people can feel it’s worth it to live here and create it,” stated Danko.
MP Viera Dubacova (Independent) views it as very important that the Parliament is open to the public. “It should be open to people more than once a year and politicians should be under bigger scrutiny,” she said.
MP Martin Poliacik (Independent) praised the Open House Day, too, although he would rather organise it on November 17. “I’m glad that the Parliament is opening its doors, as it’s important to be in contact with citizens, to talk to them,” he said, adding that if the Parliament is to be an institution open to people, it’s good if they can visit it.
OLaNO leader Igor Matovic has a similar opinion. “It’s a holiday for people who have an opportunity to visit once a year the Parliament, the place where laws are adopted,” he said.
MP Erik Tomas (Smer-SD) views direct meetings with citizens as a very good opportunity for MPs to have a feedback and listen to proposals they can recast in laws. “Politicians should not be afraid to meet citizens, as sometimes a tough, but a matter-of-fact discussion can contribute towards interesting ideas,” Tomas told TASR.
MP Martin Klus (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) is glad about people who came to visit the Parliament and stressed a need to have a respect for the Slovak Constitution. “The Slovak Constitution is the most important law and there’s a need to have a respect for it. However, it has undergone so many amendments during all these years that we think that the Constitution Day is one of the public holidays we don’t necessarily need,” said Klus, adding it would be enough if it was a commemorative day.