Coalition MP Linhart Allegedly Attacked by Police Officer without Face Mask

We Are Family MP Patrick Linhart. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 3 (TASR) – The police Internal Affairs Inspectorate has received a criminal complaint from co-governing We Are Family MP Patrick Linhart, who claims that he was attacked and injured by a police major in Nove Zamky (Nitra region) on Monday when he admonished the latter for not wearing a face mask, TASR leant on Tuesday.

“The body in question is carrying out all necessary steps to facilitate a decision on a further course of action concerning the matter,” said Petra Friese from the Interior Ministry’s press office, declining to provide any more details concerning the case.

Linhart has told TASR that he was attacked by a police officer at the District Directorate of the Police Corps in Nove Zamky. “It was due to the fact that I pointed out to him that he wasn’t wearing a face mask,” said Linhart.

A Facebook fan page affiliated to Linhart, apparently quoting the MP, wrote that the police should protect members of the public, “instead of breaking their arms”.