Danko: Don’t Let Groups of People Spreading Hatred Sow Evil in Our Hearts

Parliamentary Chairman and SNS leader Andrej Danko. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 8 (TASR) – A permanent moral duty of every Slovak citizen and of a democratic state that honours the rights of all citizens is to commemorate all the wrong-doings perpetrated by totalitarian regimes on the territory of our home country, Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) said on Friday on the occasion of the Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence.

“The Slovak nation has a historical memory and does not forget about its 57,628 Jewish fellow citizens – victims of persecutions and war crimes, who were deported to labour and death camps,” said Danko, recalling the tragic circumstances to which this day is related. He stressed that these acts cannot be ascribed to collective guilt. At the same time, Danko pointed to the fact that Slovaks proved their humanity and bravery by saving hundreds of Jews during the war-time Slovak state (1939-1945). “Israel has granted the Righteous among Nations award to many Slovak citizens for this heroism and demonstration of human fellowship,” stated the parliamentary chairman.

In his words, this memorial day is also a warning against “shadows of the past”. “These are emerging with ever greater urgency, hiding behind noble national and Christian ideals,” said Danko.

“Don’t let groups of people spreading hatred among nations sow evil in our hearts. Let us refuse resolutely any attempt to revive a brown totality that brought so much pain and suffering to our nation,” urged Danko.

Slovakia commemorates the Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence on September 9. Seventy-three years ago on that day the war-time Slovak government issued a decree on the legal position of Jews known as the Jewish Code. This was one of the toughest anti-Jewish legal measures in Europe.