Danko: I Don’t Care about Tight Majority in Parliament

Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 29 (TASR) – I don’t care about the fact that after the departure of several MPs in Parliament the governing trio has the tightest possible majority of 76 votes, Parliamentary Chair and head of the coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko has told TASR in an interview, adding that things should be taken as they come.

I don’t care about whether a law is passed with 76 votes, whether someone fails or not. The principle of politics, if you don’t want it to destroy you and get you to Kramare [hospital], as was my case, is that you must take things as they come. It isn’t tragedy, whether a law is passed or not. Nothing lasts forever in politics, and you must expect every day that you will have to pack your things up and leave your office,” said Danko.
Commenting on the support of SNS, ranging from 8.6 percent to 11 percent in 2018, he said that he as a party chairman also experienced a situation where SNS had 3.5 percent for three years. “My clear ambition is to move SNS to the historically best support. I think our space is to reach the middle class. The core of our efforts must be a clear reform economic programme, that is to reduce income tax to 15 percent, and social certainties for retirees. This will be the subject of our programme for 2020,” said Danko, adding that he will be satisfied when SNS will have more percent than in the last general election (8.64 percent).