Danko: Joint Voice of Slovaks and Czechs Stronger in World

From left, Slovak Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko and Czech Chamber of Deputies Chairman Radek Vondracek during their working meeting in Lednice (photo by TASR)

Lednice, September 16 (TASR) – The Slovaks and Czechs together have a stronger voice in the world, Slovak Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko stated on Monday in Lednice, the Czech Republic after a meeting of the Czech and Slovak parliamentary groups of friendship, stressing the good relations between the two countries along with Czech Chamber of Deputies Chairman Radek Vondracek.

According to Danko, the meeting was attended by both countries’ MPs and experts, who addressed various issues such as guns, ammunition containing lead and the system of political parties. “Since I as parliamentary chair declare elections and I’m responsible for their course I’m always interested in the experiences of other parliamentary chairs,” he noted.

Danko went on to add that the meeting also addressed how the Slovak and Czech parliaments could get closer to the European Parliament. In this regard, Danko mentioned the annulment of the special levy for chain stores in Slovakia. “It isn’t standard that the EU is telling you that you have your own national parliament but then goes on to tell you that your law is invalid. That’s why I wanted to annul the levy quickly,” said Danko.

Vondracek noted that the MPs touched upon several topics such as the school system and the European policy. He appreciated the co-operation between Czech and Slovak parliamentary committees.