Danko: Manifesto an Intersection of Ideas and Compromises

Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (SNS) (TASR archive photo)

Bratislava, April 22 (TASR) – The Government Manifesto features an intersection of ideas and compromises, said Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (SNS) during the comment phase on the Manifesto in Parliament on Friday.

At the same time, he asked the Opposition not to engage in hatemongering, but to discuss the Manifesto in a professional way. “I’m sorry that within this discourse, which should be professional, there have been personal attacks that don’t belong in Parliament. Some Opposition MPs only have hatred in them. All those spreading bitterness are responsible for the rise of extremism,” Danko told the Opposition.

The Opposition strongly denounced Danko. “You should keep such moralising and preaching to yourself! You’ve only been here for a couple of days,” said MP Richard Vasecka (OLaNO-NOVA), who called for “a bit of modesty” from Danko.

Meanwhile on day five devoted to the Manifesto in Parliament, Danko told the Opposition MPs that if they really find shortcomings in the Manifesto they should go to see the ministers to address them.

As for the Manifesto’s content, Danko underlined the Government’s intention to create national sea and air transport carriers, reform secret service agencies, support the spa industry, create new job opportunities and address the law on strategic enterprises. Danko also stressed the need to deal with letterbox companies as well.

Furthermore, Danko highlighted a fund for financing minority culture. The Government is looking for a mechanism to provide minority financing under state control and, at the same time, preserve the independence of the minorities’ decisions as well. “I’m pleased that minorities can now clearly and openly talk about their spending,” said the parliamentary chairman.