Danko: MPs and MEPs Have Identical DNA

Parliamentary Chair and SNS leader Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 31 (TASR) – MPs and MEPs have identical DNA, as both groups of politicians were elected directly by Slovak citizens, stated Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) when welcoming Slovak MEPs to the Slovak Parliament for the first time in the history of the independent Slovakia on Friday.

Eight of the total of 13 MEPs who represent Slovakia in the European Parliament took advantage of the chance to make an appearance in the Slovak Parliament on Friday.

“The former as well as the latter are obliged to do their utmost for the public and explain to it the benefits of the EU, as we are currently facing expressions of extremism from mad people who want to control states and the Union. So, we need to name the areas in which we must unite,” stressed Danko.

The parliamentary chairman praised MEPs’ efforts to come to the Slovak Parliament and thus contribute to better mutual understanding and attempts to discuss problems that affect both groups. “There’s a need to hear from MEPs what troubles them in the EP, and it’s MPs’ ambition to say a few words about how Slovak citizens perceive it,” said Danko.

According to Danko, if Slovakia can manage the Schengen area and the euro, there’s no need to avoid discussing the development of social systems now. “Why can’t our employees have the same conditions as people in developed democracies do, given to them by western labour codes? This might be a new ambition for the EU – for our people to feel the social certainties of western countries,” stated Danko.

The parliamentary chair is proud that the Slovak Parliament is one of the first to enable its country’s MEPs to take the floor in the national parliament. “This was enabled by an amendment to the Rules of Procedure that was accepted only with difficulty and heavily criticised. I view the fact that we can directly discuss matters with MEPs in the parliamentary chamber as one of its benefits and pearls. I believe that our discussion will be friendly,” he added.

Monika Flasikova Benova, Vladimir Manka, Monika Smolkova, Boris Zala (all Smer-SD), Miroslav Mikolasik, Anna Zaborska, Ivan Stefanec (all Christian Democrats/KDH), Eduard Kukan (SDKU-DS), Pal Csaky (Hungarian Community Party/SMK), Jozsef Nagy (Most-Hid), Branislav Skripek (OLaNO), Richard Sulik (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) and Jana Zitnanska (NOVA) represent Slovakia in the European Parliament. Zala, Zitnanska, Nagy, Sulik and Csaky chose not to appear in the Slovak Parliament on Friday. The remainder were each given 15 minutes to address the chamber.