Danko: Stopping Squabbles, Negativism and Intrigues is Only Way to Go

SNS chair Andrej Danko delivering a speech at the congress (photo by TASR)

Martin, June 18 (TASR) – After undergoing a challenging period of revival and inner transformation, the Slovak National Party (SNS) has learned that the only way to go is to put a stop to squabbles, negativism, malevolence, recriminations and intrigues, SNS chair Andrej Danko said in his speech at the SNS ceremonial congress in Martin (Zilina region) held on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the party’s founding on Saturday.

“The only way to ensure that Slovakia will continue to live and prosper is to hold each other in mutual respect: we need more respect from journalists towards politicians and politicians towards journalists; from citizens towards the state and state towards citizens. More understanding, tenderness, less negativism, intrigues and accusations because those only work to build malaise,” said Danko. He added that this is the main message of the SNS anniversary congress and a motto he wants to promote in politics. “What’s most important for me is the fact that we’ve managed to restore the trust of citizens towards the Slovak National Party and that people standing by me are good people.”

Founded on June 6, 1871, the Slovak National Party is the oldest political party in Slovakia. Back then, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation, leading figures of national life met in Turciansky Svaty Martin and passed a decision to run in the parliamentary election in the Hungarian Kingdom as a separate ethnic Slovak party with own candidates. Viliam Pauliny-Toth served as the first chairman of SNS until 1875.