Danko Wants Slovakia to Approach West in Terms of Salaries and Benefits


Sliac, April 8 (TASR) – Leader of the governing Slovak National Party (SNS) and Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko said following the party congress in Sliac (Banska Bystrica region) on Saturday he wants to see Slovak citizens approaching the western system in terms of salaries and benefits, otherwise he does not see the meaning of the country’s membership in the EU.

“SNS adopted today a vision of strong social-market economy where both employees and employers would be satisfied. The Constitution declares we have a social-market economy and SNS talks about deepening of the social pillar,” said Danko. First of all he mentioned a thirteenth salary for each employee and as low as possible tax and levy burden for employers.

“It’s normal to receive a thirteenth or fourteenth salary in Austria or Portugal. This means it is an integrated part of a salary that is regularly paid to employees in June and December after they meet all duties. We can talk about tax and levy benefits for those providing a thirteenth salary,” admitted Danko.

Danko stated that there are several firms in Slovakia already paying a thirteenth salary. He wants to hold a dialogue on enacting it in legislation. From the time viewpoint, Danko would find it ideal if a thirteenth salary is introduced during this term. “I’m fully aware of entrepreneurs’ reaction, that’s why this motivation part is here featuring even a possibility of an absolute tax exemption,” explained Danko.

SNS would like to see a mandatory thirteenth salary chiefly in bigger companies with functioning trade unions. “Macroeconomic calculations were not on the agenda of the congress; however, why could not we have the same social welfare as other countries do if we have one of the lowest levels of indebtedness? I think that the state can afford it. We will discuss various levels of this salary’s introduction within the coalition, but I want people to feel it,” stated the SNS leader.

Danko believes that an employee and employer must create social ties between each other and that Slovakia must approach western labour codes. “We are afraid to ask for higher salary, we are afraid to speak about the working time reduction or about people deserving more holiday. We are afraid, as we have ‘a communist complex’,” assumes Danko.

The SNS leader also mentioned changes in the spa sector, support for Slovak taxi drivers and the constitutional law on land protection.