Danko: We’re Focused on Programme, Not Politicking

Slovak National Party chair Andrej Danko (TASR archive)

Bratislava, February 18 (TASR) – Most political parties spend considerable time explaining why they’re willing or not willing to form a post-election government with Smer-SD. For the Slovak National Party, however, this is not an issue, says its leader Andrej Danko.

“These games of who’s going in with whom are not to my taste. My goal is patriotic politics. I’m interested in SNS programme and that’s what I’ll promote,” SNS chair Andrej Danko has told TASR in an interview.

“With the election just around the corner, what’s most important now – for every party chair – is to acquire the strongest mandate possible ,” said Danko about the situation political parties find themselves in prior to the election. The freedom of action to bring their plans to life will depend first and foremost on the amount of trust each political party receives from voters come March 5, he added.
“I said in one interview that I look at Robert Fico’s current four-year mandate with silent envy. That’s because I know that if I had enjoyed such a strong mandate with SNS, I could have put the house to order,” said Danko. “If you want to know what I would have done with the mandate of Robert Fico, look no further than our programme and all those resolute measures contained within. Who governs on his or her own needs no consent from any coalition partner and enjoys free hand in realizing their vision.”
“If you ask me what I would do as a junior coalition partner, I’d attempt to promote the fundamentals of SNS programme. Not engage in speculations of who will capture which ministry post; it is the programme and values that are to pose as conditions for any future cooperation,” said Danko. “That will form the core of my communication with any relevant leader. We’re really not of the mindset to be a fifth wheel, relegated to making coffee and being a rubber stamper partner in any government.”
When asked whether there’s any political party SNS would decline cooperation with, Danko replied negatively. “It’s the duty of every chair of the relevant political party to respect everyone elected to the Parliament by the people.”
The SNS chair underlined that participation in politics is also about responsibility and governance of the state. “We’re living in a parliamentary democracy and maybe some clean-up should be done among the political parties, so that they aren’t a commodity for sale, there won’t be 150 of them around and won’t serve as vehicles for some individuals to acquire the state contribution,” concluded Danko.